Update on New Original Music

Production for my debut full-length album is coming along splendidly!

Rhythm sections are all but tracked for 3 of the songs. This album is becoming a true product of the technological era in which we live, as I’ve generously received offers from fellow musician-engineers to play on my album. A drummer-producer from Orange County is laying drum tracks as I type, and a bassist-mix engineer from the East Bay Area near San Francisco is tracking bass for me as well, making this album a cross-state effort, which I think is pretty awesome. Meanwhile, here on the San Diego front, I have been forging ahead laying guide and scratch tracks for several more songs.

In fact, while referencing an old writing journal for lyrics, I decided to add 3 more songs to the recording list, bringing the grand total of songs to record to 16. The final album probably will not include them all, but I am excited to have this many options from which to choose.

My beautiful black lab, favorite assistant engineer, and mascot of my budding music business (update on that coming soon) has been kind enough to supervise many of my recording sessions. She doesn’t say much, which I take to mean she approves of all progress made thus far. More to come soon, but rest-assured, our October release date is still looking solid. And recent news has made the likelihood of a physical CD release far more likely.


Cheers, and more soon.

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